Pure Rain Irrigation

Winter Sprinkler Maintenance

Underground Sprinkler Winterization and lawn maintenance, Langley

Much like regularly changing the oil in your car, winter maintenance of your lawn irrigation is crucial to extending its life and keeping your system running smoothly. Water left in your irrigation pipes over the winter will freeze and expand, causing them to burst.  In cold weather fluctuations, rubber seals in valves will also expand and contract over and over again until they too stop working.

A lot of irrigation system owners get used to replacing sprinkler heads annually, thinking its just par for the course. However, sprinkler heads, irrigation pipes and valves will all last much, much longer by simply having Pure Rain Irrigation annually blow the water from your irrigation pipes sometime between October and mid-December. While we’re there, we’ll do a final inspection before shut-down, noting any problems that need to be addressed in the spring.

The modest cost of a winter maintenance visit is nothing compared to the expense of replacing a list of components in the spring.

Call Pure Rain Irrigation today to book your winter sprinkler maintenance. We serve Langley, Surrey, White Rock and Tsawwassen as well as Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.