Pure Rain Irrigation

sprinkler Renovations

Underground Sprinkler Systems, Surrey

Whenever you add something new to your yard, such as extending a patio, or adding a deck or vegetable garden, your lawn irrigation system will require updating. Pure Rain Irrigation will help you identify new watering zones and will install new sprinkler heads to  accommodate any landscape changes.

Why is this important?

Your property has many micro-environments with different watering needs. Your rose bushes and your lawn don’t require the same amount of water, for example.

Installing proper spray zones ensures your plants, grass and shrubs are not over or under watered, which is common with generic, one size fits all, approaches to sprinkler installation.

We properly plan your system so it fits with the diversity of your property. By taking the time to plan and install underground sprinklers in zones, you won’t be wasting water by spraying it against the house or driveway in one area, while other parts of your landscape are barely getting enough moisture.

Pure Rain Irrigation in Surrey also installs a number of innovative drip irrigation systems for potted plants and hanging baskets, making it easy for you to keep your plants vibrant and healthy without awkwardly lugging around hoses or tipping sloshing watering cans toward planters every day. You might even save money by canceling a few chiropractor appointments.