Pure Rain Irrigation

Sprinkler Installation, Langley

If you’re unsatisfied with your existing sprinkler system or you are ready to develop the full potential of your lawn and garden areas by installing lawn irrigation for the first time, Pure Rain Irrigation will identify the most efficient way to do this. We’ll isolate your plant zones from your lawn irrigation, for instance, so that municipal lawn watering restrictions don’t interfere with the legal watering of your flower gardens and shrubs. We will also separate your boulevard sprinklers from your front lawn sprinkler zone.

Spray heads installed by Pure Rain Irrigation, Langley, are the proper size for the role they play. Often, our underground sprinkler systems include a larger number of smaller sprinkler heads, which prevents overspray, sending water when and where it makes the most impact, not on the side of your house or on your driveway and walkways. The end result of this method: you don’t have to run your system as often, helping you conserve water and save money.

We also include rain sensors in every system we install. This simple device is modestly priced, and saves you money by helping your underground sprinklers perform to their full potential without watering areas when they don’t need it.

Pure Rain Irrigation’s non-invasive installation methods will leave your property in tact (no post installation seeding required) and we always acquire the proper permits (required to cut into service lines) and install proper backflow protection, protecting your family from harmful back siphonage that could include all kinds of nasty contaminants found in lawns.