Pure Rain Irrigation

lawn irrigation contractor, Langley

When you call Pure Rain Irrigation, you’re speaking with the person who’s going to be doing the work. By working directly with the company owner right from day one, there’s a high level of communication, accountability, and trust naturally built into every service Pure Rain Irrigation offers.

Installing an underground sprinkler system can be messy if the installer doesn’t take the proper amount of care or have the best installation tools for the job.

Pure Rain Irrigation is particularly careful to keep your property clean and leave your lawn just like it was when we started. We realize that, if you’re installing a lawn irrigation system, you place a high priority on the landscaping around your home or small commercial business, so we take the proper steps to ensure we are enhancing, not destroying it.

When we install underground sprinklers and lawn irrigation, our installation method (cutting only a fine line in the soil) leaves minimal damage. There’s no reseeding needed and it doesn’t take two years for your lawn to recover, as with more intrusive methods used by large, high volume companies.

Our service is reliable (we do long lasting work and keep a regular winter and spring maintenance schedule for you) and prompt (we meet you on time, on your schedule) and we install an efficient system that provides maximum coverage.

We also take the time to show home owners how to operate and set the timers on their sprinkler systems and adjust them with the seasons.

Pure Rain Irrigation, Surrey, is a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia (IIABC) and is certified to provide backflow testing.